Hydraulische Antriebstechnik - HK HYDRAULIK-KONTOR GmbH


We select the optimum solution with the matching system components for your application.

  • As a mobile Bosch Rexroth system integrator we develop and advise customized solutions for your entire system from planning, design to commissioning.
  • Our extensive product portfolio
    • Hydro: Pumps * motors * Valves * cylinder * systems * Transmission * winches
    offers us the opportunity to choose the right components.
  • We offer complete hydraulic and electronic system solutions for machine schematics and BOM creation on VISIO- technology (Auto-CAD compatible). and 3-D drawings on total SOLIDWORKS (Auto-CAD compatible).

Mobile applications:

    • Construction: Hydro excavators, loaders, graders, rollers, crushers, screens, Paver
    • Agriculture: combine harvesters, loaders, chippers
    • handling: cranes, concrete mixers, lift equipment, forklifts
    • Shipbuilding: winches, deck equipment


    • Hydrobagger
    • Hydrobagger
    • Hydrobagger
    • Hydrobagger

Configuring your hydraulic system and we produce complete hydraulic units or offer the supply of individual system components.

On request, we take over the installation of the system in your overall system and support you even after commissioning (after sales service).

Industrial applications:

  • machine tools: presses, bending machines, milling machines
  • Lift technology: lift tables, stackers, lifter, fork lift trucks


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  • Hydraulische Antriebstechnik - HK HYDRAULIK-KONTOR GmbH
  • Hydraulische Antriebstechnik - HK HYDRAULIK-KONTOR GmbH
  • Hydraulische Antriebstechnik - HK HYDRAULIK-KONTOR GmbH


Hydro:Pumpen Motoren Ventile Zylinder Anlagen Winden Getriebe


Hydro:Pumps, motors, power packs, Valves, winches, gear boxes


Гидро: насосы моторы клапаны цилиндры агрегаты лебедки

Ihr Partner für hydraulische Antriebstechnik, Mobil- und Industriehydraulik
Your partner for hydraulic drive technology , mobile and industrial hydraulics
Ваш партнер по технологии гидравлического привода , мобильной и промышленной гидравлики

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